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Find vs. Search: The Find Events Fast™ Story

EventSalon’s Find Events Fast™ Event Engine is not technically an “Internet search engine” -- it does not crawl and harvest unstructured data from other Web sites and then rely on keyword matching and/or complex algorithms in an attempt to select the most appropriate search results.  

When Attendees search Yahoo or Google for Events in their target geographic location (local or distant) the search engines frequently present thousands of results.  Finding and discovering the Events of specific interest to Event Attendees then requires human filtering of the search engines’ results.

The Need to Find and Discover Events

In 2004 Michael Cohen came to understand the distinction between “finding” and “searching” when friends in NJ who were planning a trip to Vermont asked for recommendations on what to do while they were there. Cohen’s experience, beginning in 1995 as an early provider of interactive online services, dial-up Internet access, and Web marketing, combined with his work in database design, led him to start thinking about a better and more efficient way to find Events.

These unique combinations of life and work experience resulted in the genesis of a new business opportunity and the formation of EventSalon, LLC in the summer of 2005.  Knowing that technology was available to allow talented people to live and work wherever they choose, Cohen proceeded to assemble a virtual team, focused on knowledge, experience, and ability rather than physical location.  He then began to create a viable business that would use structured data to benefit all Event-related groups: Attendees, Organizers, Advertisers, and Publishers. Key to the project was the ability to easily find and discover a broad range of Events anywhere in the United States.  

While the original concept included opportunities for those who would use the site to interact and share ideas and opinions, much in the manner of 19th century Victorian salons (hence the name), it quickly became clear that the core value was the ability to quickly and easily find and discover Events of interest wherever people reside or plan to visit.  

The team designed and built the Find Events Fast™ Event Engine, a proprietary platform, to produce meaningful Event search results in 4 Clicks or Less™.  Cohen insisted that, in order to remain true to the philosophy of everyone benefiting from the system, the monetization plan would have to be more complex than merely generating income from the sale of text ads, and created the LifeStyle Targeted Marketing™ system.

The EventSalon.com Web site became publicly accessible in November of 2006.  Additional testing and marketing plan development was completed in May 2007.

Cohen commented “As the marketing program evolved, and in discussions with Event Organizers, we found ourselves referring more and more to the system’s ability to “Find Events Fast™.”  That, combined with comments from people who were using the system, led to the deployment of a new core brand and the FindEventsFast.com domain on June 18, 2007.  

With headquarters located at the end of a quiet, unpaved Vermont road, the state’s influence is evident in both the company’s business philosophy and use of technology.  Its core competency is the ability to identify and translate market needs into financially viable opportunities, and to architect, design, and implement commonsense solutions that address them.


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