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Frequently Asked Questons (FAQs)

Post Your Events

All Event Organizers (non-profit or commercial) can advertise and promote Events for Free.

The process is designed to provide for the accountability and integrity of Event listings.  

How to Post Events in 3 Easy Steps

What kind of Events can be posted?

An Event is something that happens at a given place and time, is open to the public, and complies with the Find Events Fast Terms of Use. Church suppers, bike races, PTA fund raisers, balloon festivals, business seminars, trade shows................ you get the picture. Any special conditions, such as if attendance is limited, there is a fee or admission charge, etc., must be fully disclosed. The sponsoring Organization can be a commercial or non-profit entity. If you have any questions you can always Contact Us.

What is FindEventsFast.com and how do I use it?
Find Events Fast™ is an Event find/discover engine which allows you to find and discover Events by Location, Category and/or Date in 4 Clicks or Less™.  You don’t need to register to use the service.  Just go to the Web site to find and discover Events.  

If I see a duplicate Event, how do I delete it?
If you do find a duplicate please use our online Feedback Form or send an e-mail to Organizers.  We’ll take care of it right away.

What does it cost?
There is no cost for Attendees to find and discover Events – you don’t even have to register.  Event Organizers can post their Events for free.  

How do you make money?
Our revenue comes from the sale of advertising using our LifeStyle Targeted Marketing™ system.

How long do Events remain in the system?
Our intention is to keep them permanently available.  The Start Date for finding Events defaults to the current date but you can change it to an earlier one.  

Why don’t I see more Categories when looking for Events?
The Find Events Fast™ Event Engine only shows Categories that match at least one Event in the system.  

If you select the “This Weekend” button, you will only see Locations and Categories that have Events during “This Weekend”.  

The Category choices change whenever you change the Location and/or Date Range.  

I just registered and entered my Events but they don’t show in the results.  Did I do something wrong?
Not likely.  Events don’t become visible in the system until we have vetted your Organization’s registration.  

I received notification that my Organization's registration has been approved and I still don’t see my Event.  What’s wrong?
The most likely reason is that the date you entered for your Event is outside the current Date Range.  Set the Date Range to include the date of your Event.  If that doesn’t work, go to Update Your Events and see if you entered the correct date.  

How long does the Organization vetting process take?
If you register with an e-mail account from your Organization’s domain it can be less than an hour.  Otherwise we have to contact the Organization to verify that you are authorized to act on their behalf and wait to hear from them.  

I entered my Events and would like to use a Category that isn’t listed.  How can new Categories be added? 
Please use our online Feedback Form or send an e-mail to Organizers.  We’ll review your request and add it to the list and notify you so you can use it or explain why we didn’t.   

What will you do with my personal information?
We do not collect any personal information from Web visitors.  In the near future we will offer special services to those who become Members.  In that case we will need to collect some basic information and it will be subject to our Privacy Policy .

How can I comment about an Event?
Most Organizers include their Event’s e-mail address.  You can also share your thought with us via our online Feedback Form or send an e-mail to Organizers.  


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